Meet Your Farmers' Market


Goal: Make the farmers' market more accessible for health-conscious people in the Bay Area

Role: This is my graduate Thesis project at AAU. I started from very early concept and market research till product design and validation. I created the brand, defined the user experience, made interactive prototypes, conducted user testings and defined the visual style. I also made some video demos to help users understand the product during user research. It's an ongoing project. The mid-point presentation and thesis book is currently a showcase for School of Web Design & New Media in AAU.



I’ve been cooking since I was 12. As a typical Chinese girl, I find it’s difficult to tell people “I love you.” But through food, I can express my love and care to my family and friends. I like farmers' market because farmers care about their products much more than grocery stores. Besides, going to the farmers market makes shopping a pleasure rather than a chore.

I propose Fresi to help people get access to healthy, local and seasonal products. Fresi will connect your daily needs with local farmers markets, so you can easily get deals, seasonal foods notifications or inspirations for festival dishes. At the same time, you can check vendors, trace where the products come from, and learn more about the behind scenes of this project.


Onboard you with a delightful introduction


Find nearby farmers' markets, vendors and festivities


Find out awesome ingredients just two blocks away from you


Make a pre-order instantly



The problem

I like to go to farmers market because of the high-quality products and nice social atmosphere. I noticed many people are also interested in the farmers market, but they never go there. Through my research, I found out the reason is they don’t have enough information. They don’t know where it is, what’s in there and what’s the difference between farmers' market and grocery products, etc.(see my interview script here). So the problem is how to make the farmers' market more accessible for health-conscious people in the Bay Area?


Product Goals

Business Goals: Increase sales of farmers' market products / Keep more vendors engaged in Bay Area farmers' markets and support them

User goals: Help users find out a nearby farmers' market and make pre-orders through the app smoothly / Keep users engaged in a long run through offering recipe inspirations and exclusive deals

Design goals: Help customers find information within the app / Help people connect with their neighborhoods


Sketches, wireframes & quick testings


User testing findings

- Homepage should be focusing on helping users look for nearby markets, rather than a combination of various features

- Recipe inspiration and pre-orders are in high demand by customers

- Market map should be accessible from market or vendor page



User testing findings


- The red call-to-action is not discoverable or useful for most of the users.

- Users like to choose a market from the list, and they find out its ranking based on distance

- Users like the way we show time of operation for each farmers' market


- Users like the header carousel to discover activities through photos or videos

- Users think it's reasonable to browse vendors by category

- Some users feel it's a long scroll to find out a specific category


- Users love the recipe feature, especially when the inspirations are based on local, seasonal products

- Users don't know whether they can find vendors only for strawberries or all the ingredients in this recipe


- Users want to make pre-orders without leaving this screen.

- Users need a sum up before confirming the pre-order.


Final Design



Make a pre-order

Make a pre-order

A glance of market

A glance of market

Recipe inspirations

Recipe inspirations



Thanks to:
Cassy Rowe, for her help with several rounds of design review and user testing.
Chao Chen, for his help with multiple onsite research and videography. (Watch the early demo of product concept here)
All the AAU teachers and classmates who helped me with user research and design critiques.